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2006 Chevrolet Equinox has a sunroof leak

Equinox sun roof
Dear Mr Magliozzi, Firstly let me say how very much we enjoy your articles. Being British we really love your quirkey sense of humour.
Our problem – we have a 2006 Equinox. The sun roof has started to leak very badly. The drain tubes have been blown out but it has not helped the situation, or taping it shut with flex tape. We are senior citizens with an extremely limited income. Is there a way for us to fix this – taking into account my husbands health is very compromised. Or how much do you think a repair shop would charge.
We would sincerely appreciate your advice. Many thanks, Valerie & Brian Ashdown.

It is not known if Ray ever responds here on this site . The only way to get a cost is from a local body shop . Just tell them you want it sealed .