2006 Carrera s4 engine

Our engine just blew, at only 81,000 miles, and this after several trips for valve problems about a year ago. Does anyone have any comments? Fortunately we bought the extended warranty, but Porsche is only guaranteeing the “new” engine (whatever that means) for two years. Haven’t heard the exact status of the problems yet. Bought new, driven by qualified husband.

How Long Does The Extended Warranty Run ? I Would Think The The “New” Engine Should Be Covered For That Entire Period, But I’ll Bet That Somewhere In All That Fine Print . . .

Two years should give you enough time to sell it.


I had it for sale before this happened. The loss we would take is almost too great to sell right now. Life has its little ironies. Only rich people should buy this car. My husband forgot that rule.

An engine that “blew” is blown for one of several reasons.
Lack of oil.
Lack of regular oil changes.
Severe overheating.
Severe detonation. (low grade gas, faulty EGR system, etc.)
Excessive RPMs.
Ingestion of a foreign part.
Broken timing belt. (60k miles interval on this one?)

What does “qualified” husband mean?