2006 Buick Rendezvous - Power Steering Cap Blew Off

I pulled into my drive way and put in park to open my gate and before I could get out of the car I had black smoke coming from the engine. I immanently turned it off. Let it cool as a lot of fluid also blew out of it. Apparently forward . Judging the pattern on my drive way and front of the car. Let cool lifted the hood the power steering cap had blown no coolant in the return resavar able to start it to frive it into the driveway behind the fence.

This sounds like it’s 2 different repairs. When did you last check the radiator overflow?

For now, with the engine cool, top off the radiator and add coolant to the tank, up to the cold level marker. (Coolant, not just water.)

Then you are ready to test if can see a PS fluid leak. With the hood up, you might try topping it off with the proper fluid, put the cap back on, and start the car. If it’s something blown (bad seal, pump, hose) you might see it. Maybe you get lucky and it’s simply the cap.

If no obvious leaks from coolant or PS, turn the car off, let it cool, and check if either fluid has dropped. (Air could have worked out of either system.) Then, for me, I’d take (preferably tow) it to your local mechanic.

Thank you it’s on its way( Tow) to the mechanic this morning. It all was just checked less then 2 weeks ago, Air in the system I sure would believe. I have been asking about a steering hose leak for sometime- and had recently change the power steering cap- maybe a couple months ago.(Mechanic’s suggestion. This is a Rendezvous and notorious for mysterious leaks. ) I do have a new Mechanic as of a couple weeks ago last to check and clear the car.

They replaced radiator and power steering pump

You know, that PS cap could have been your lucky break. With the coolant that low, it could have saved you from serious engine damage… and happened at home.

That was really quick service. My shop takes almost that much time to change oil.

Maybe check the engine compartment every 1000 miles (or month), more often if you suspect trouble? Fuel stops are a great time. Look at the bottle to check coolant level, washer fluid level, check oil and, in your case, maybe PS fluid level? It’ll give you something to do while waiting for the tank to fill… and they have towels so you don’t have to touch dirty engine parts.

Good luck and happy motoring.

Again thanks this is the guy though that had just been through it less then a month before but the car hasnearly 300 thousandmiles so I guess maybe I should check it every weeklile I use to.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I used to have the battery caps blow off on my truck sometimes during 4wd’ing, but never had the PS pump cap blow off. I expect the PS fluid got to boiling temperature and the increased vapor pressure (sort of like steam) caused the cap to blow. Not sure what would cause that to happen though. Expect to be needing a new PS pump.

The pressure relief valve in the power steering pump probably failed. Blowing the cap off.


Bottom line on the Buick Rendezvous 06, they did replace the radiator- said it was cracked. The Steering pump (it had metal in it, first thought it might have been from the pump itself turned out from the top -witch had blown off.) So he was able to remove the metal and save the pump. So it was just over 400 for repairs.


Great. So all’s good now?

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We’re keeping an eye-because next to be fixed Rack n pinon is leaking on the right side . I’m told it’ll be over 600 to replace. We had just replaced tie rod’s and wheel bearing’s in one wheel