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2006 Buick LaCrosse died at 65

While driving my mother-in-law in her 2006 Buick LaCrosse at 65 mph the car just died. It made a “click” sound in the area of the steering column, then just died on the side of the road. I lost power steering, power brakes, the engine, but did not lose flasher/blinkers. The left side of the steering wheel tends to get VERY hot to the touch at the cruise and radio control buttons. The day the car died the “gallons to empty” gauge was going crazy- from 78 miles to empty and 30 miles dfown the road it was at 400 miles to empty when the car just died. The car re-started 3 minutes later and has been fine since, though the gauge and the hot steering wheel on he left side continue. Anyone with a similar situation ever? Anyone want a mother-in-law?