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I own a 2006 BMW 325i with run flat tires. I have to change these tires soon that I never liked to begin with. My question is if I can change them with regular tires??

You can, go check out some tires at tire I have 2011 328 and as soon as the run flats wear out I’m getting regular tires.

You can buy a spare or get a compressor and maybe a can of sealer.

I forgot to mention, have your rims checked out. With run flats hitting a pot hole can damage your rims/tires.

The rims on some run flat tires are different then normal tire rims. I know this is the case on the touring odysseys. So you mat have to swap out rims as well, but other wise it’s straight forward swap.

Everyone I know who has owned a car with run flats bought conventional tires and an AAA membership (or equivalent).

According to what I have read, on a 2006 325i, you should not have any problem with tire pressure sensors, so it is a simple tire swap. Well, fairly simple. Not all tire machines will remove a RFT from a rim because they are so stiff.

You may find that you have room in the pocket under your trunk for a limited use spare from an older model BMW 3 series. Pick one up at the junk yard.

I had “run flats” on a GMC Envoy about 10 years ago. One of the most useless products on the automotive market. They were all worn out at the 16K mark. My rims had no problems using conventional tires.