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Run flat tires on BMW


I have only 30k and I have to replace these tires–does that seem unusual?

For high performance tires, that’s reasonable. High performance tires are not designed to give good wear. They are designed to grip well - and that is done by sacrificing wear.

The fact that they are RunFlat’s has nothing to do with their wear or many other performance characteristics. The thing gives them the ability to operate - albeit for a short time - without inflation pressure can be applied to any type of low profile tire - and the only sacrifice needed to some degree of ride quality.

30k for performance tires is pretty usual. You should see the reaction that Avalon drivers have when theirs wear out! As for run-flats, google ‘BMW run flat tires’, there’s lots to be seen, even an angry web site devoted to them.

Some “run flat” tires get even less mileage. My 2004 GMC Envoy came equipped with run flat tires that had to be replaced at 16K.

Perfectly normal. I too have high perfocmance tires and thet’s typically what I get.

By the way, it isn;t because they run-flat tires, which use firmer sidewalls, it’s because BMW uses high performance tires, which use a softer tread compound.

Nope, seems perfectly normal.

My Porsche Boxster goes through rear performance tires every 10k to 15k miles.


With careful tire selection you definitely can get better tread life.

I use ultra high performance all-seasons and manage between 40k-50k with moderate driving on turbo Subaru’s. A nice tire is the Bridgestone RE960 if only encounter snow on limited occasions.

With run-flats, your choice of tires will be limited and expensive…

thanks all…just one of the many prices you pay for the privilege of owning a beener I guess…that’s why I am not going to get another one when the lease runs out.l

It’s more of a run-flat tire issue than a BMW issue. People with run-flats from all manufacturers are regretting this feature.

Yep, you can find them on the Mini, Odyssey, Siena, upcoming Rav4, and I’m sure there’s others. One issue that has shown up a bit more on BMWs is tire and wheel damage from using those low profile tires.

I think this has more to do with their being low profile tires than their run-flat properties.

Your wear is normal, as others have noted.

I own 3 BMWs and have several acquaintances who also own BMWs. The consensus seems to be - dump the run-flats, buy towing insurance, and carry a cell phone.

Modern high quality tires very rarely get flats. My cars routinely run 100k miles between flats. Wish the windshields fared so well.