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Run-flat tire repair

I have a nail in one of my run-flat tires on my 2007 BMW 328i. It is away from the sidewall. I have heard conflicting advice on whether it can be repaired or whether a new tire must be bought. Due to the high cost I hate to have to buy a new tire!

Any advice is appreciated.

How far did you drive on the tire when it was flat?

If it wasn’t far, it can be repaired just like any other tire. The problem is finding a shop that will do it. They have to take your word that you didn’t drive far enough to damage the tire. In today’s sue-happy world, most shops won’t do that.

BMW? Needs 4 new tires. Seriously though, the only person who can tell you for certain is at your local tire store. Keep in mind that a patch repair (done with the tire off the rim) is more permanent than a plug repair (done with the tire on the rim).
Next time you can buy insurance against this sort of thing for about $20 per tire at most places.

I noticed the nail (or tack) while the car was sitting in my driveway. The pressure was down to 21 lbs. One dealer said he would patch it but could not be held liable. Since I am not planning any long trips or any high speed driving in the near future I may have it patched and get a new tire later on. Given the price of these tires the insurance makes a lot of sense.

I don’t believe that BMW recommends trying to fix that tyre. Not only that, but if the tyre had significant wear, you likely should replace it’s partner on the other side as well. Just to keep traction and handling working safely.

Note: Always put the best two tyres on the back. The other way around can cause some serious handling problems in an emergency situation.

Do you have ABS or Stability Control? If so check the owner’s manual for advice.

The problem here is that the sidewall is so reinfornced, that one can not see any evidence that there is sidewall damage. Hencethe warning from tire manufacturers not to repair such a tire - and a reluctance on the part of tire shops to do such a repair.