2006 Altima - New Transmission - back in the shop



Well, after the new transmission and alignment, the steering wheel had a vibration. Brought it in and they found vibration was from warped rotors, they fixed that, but when rotating the tires back to where they were and doing the brake work, they discovered the left front CV joint was leaking and will now be replacing that part (under warranty). My question is this:

This car has 33,000 miles on it. I drive 65 miles a day - all highway. Is it normal to have to turn the rotors and need a CV joint at this point in my car’s life? It’s only a year and half old. Although the power train is warrantied to 60,000 miles, the other stuff is only 36,000 miles. I’m afraid of what may happen next? Any advice?


As long as they’re taking care of all of these things under warranty, there’s not much else to worry about. You can’t go around paralyzed with fear about what MIGHT happen to your car next. Either it will work or it won’t; if it won’t and it’s a warrantied issue, they fix it for free.

Sometimes stuff on cars breaks. It’s a little unusual to have a run like this on an '06, but not unheard of at all.

It is not usual, but it is not not-normal. Things happen. Some people will win on the slot machine three times in a row, the next persons may not win once in three weeks.  

It is possible/likely that there is a relationship between at least some the problems you have encountered.  As long as they are taking care of them on their dime and getting they out of the way before the warranty is up, things are working the way they should.  That is what warranties are all about.


If you check the boots at each oil change, you’ll catch a torn boot before it turns into a damaged CV joint.


I have an 01 Sentra. Within the first couple years of ownership it had 6 problems all fixed under the warranty at no cost to me with minimal down time. Other than items I consider routine(tires,brakes,oil changes)I have had only 1 problem that occured after the warranty expired that cost me less than $100 parts and labor. After the initial 6 problems out of the gate I was thinking should I keep this car. Of the new cars I have purchased 2 honda’s,1 ford and this nissan I consider the nissan the best new car I have purchased. It is now almost 7 years old approximately 93000 miles 50/50 city/highway driving. So things may not be as bad as they seem to you right now.