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2006 Acura MDX, grinding noise in rear, still there!

2006 Acura MDX with only 89K miles. This is the AWD model. I’ve been trying to figure out a grinding noise in the rear of the vehicle, mostly at low speeds or turns. I’ve taken tire off and inspected brakes, calipers, rotors, etc. Both sides appear to be nearly new brake pads. I don’t have any wiggle or play when I pull on tires. Any ideas what to check next would be appreciated.

When was the last time the rear diff fluid was serviced?

If you don’t know or can’t remember, that’s where I’d start.

These diffs can start to make noise when the diff fluid breaks down.



Have Honda change the fluid in the center/rear differential(s).

Because only Honda’s proprietary Dual Pump Fluid should be used, it is important to go to a Honda dealer for this service.

And…yes…this is a known problem with Honda/Acura AWD vehicles after a few years of use.
Luckily, a fluid change almost always resolves the problem.

If the fluid change doesn’t do it, do some experiments to see if it goes away when coasting in neutral vs in gear, how applying the brakes affects it, or how accelerating affects it. And how turning affects it, esp a difference between turning left vs right.