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2005 VW Golf, Check engine light

Friday, May 13 I brought my car to the shop because the Check Engine light came on and the engine started loosing power. $540 later they had replaced both O2 sensors. A day later the light was back on. Brought the car back on Monday and they replaced one of the sensors that was defective according to them. One day later the light was back on. Brought the car back on Wednesday and they replaced the sensor again, telling me the brand was not compatible with my car. One day later night the light came back on. Brought the car back in Friday May 20 in the morning and they have my car since. They can’t figure out whats wrong. A week before all that happed I had an oil leak and they replaced the oil filter and a seal. Could that be it?

It's unlikely the light is on because of the oil filter replacement, although without knowing which seal was replaced it's impossible to say for sure.

We don't know what code is coming up on the computer, or why the mechanic is saying the O2 sensor is incompatible with VW.

Can you elaborate?

I can’t really elaborate. The info in my original post is pretty much all I have. I’m actually kinda mad at my mechanic for not getting this done.

The only thing I can add is that the third round of O2 sensors they put in were Bosch sensors. Like I said, they told me that the previous one they put in was incompatible with my car. Since then they are trying to diagnose the electrical system. They call it “chasing wires”.

Is it just me or does it sound like they are trying to sell me there “best guess” as valid diagnosis and they actually have no idea whats going on?