2005 Volvo XC90 - Need a new Volvo shop in AZ

Hi All,

It looks like the shop I used to take my Volvo to is no longer open. They were so trust worthy. Anyone have a good place they go to in East Phoenix?

I guess Google or something like it brought you here . So why did it not show you Volvo repair shops near you . Or even show you some online review sites so you could check out the reviews that people post. Or even there should be Volvo dealers in Phoenix .


Or perhaps the OP was looking for recommendations from actual people as opposed to anonymous posts on Yelp or wherever.

And the posts on this and other forums are not anonymous :thinking:


They’re anonymous, as illustrated by the behavior of some posters, but Yelp, on the other hand, might feature posts by specific businesses for purposes of self-promotion or even sometimes bots. I generally think of this place as being populated by real people. Or perhaps I’m mistaken and “Community” is a misnomer. Maybe a more apt term might be “Random collection of trolls.”

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Thanks Dave just wanted to throw out a line to see if anyone here had first hand experience that could back up the reviews I saw. Didn’t think there would be so much passive aggressiveness. Ha!

I emailed the old business address and they sent me a couple of recommendation. Even though they closed down they are still being helpful. This is why I liked going to them.

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