2005 Volvo V70 - Hill parking question

I have a Volvo v70r with 188000 miles on it. This model has a larger 300hp engine and is a 6 speed manual. The E brake has been disconnected some years ago. I was at a friends house yesterday and I parked my car on a hill. I left it in first gear and noticed that when people got out of the car it rolled back a bit. I tested a few different gears and just by rocking back in my seat I was able to make the car move. This had never happened before. I moved the car to a flatter spot and parked it. What could be wrong here?

The incline was too steep for the engine to keep the vehicle from moving.

Repair the parking brake.


Get the ebrake fixed, but also use ONLY 1st or reverse for max help from engine compression.

The car was being mostly kept from rolling by the resistance of engine compression. As Nevada_545 said, the resistance wasn’t enough. If you’re going to keep doing this, you can invest in a set of wheel chocks but you really need to get the parking brake fixed.

and if you park next to a curb, turn your wheels to the left so if it rolls the tire will hit the curb and stop the vehicle.

Parking facing up hill - turn wheels to left so it will roll back and hit curb – facing down hill turn wheels to right it will roll forward and hit curb.


This is irresponsible. Fix the parking brake before the car rolls away and injures someone.

Yes, that is priority #1, but while it’s in the shop, I strongly suggest that the OP have the engine’s compression checked, as it has likely gotten a bit… low.

I thought the same thing but I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to get trolled for “guessing.”

It’s not an emergency brake, it’s a parking brake. Get it fixed before you or someone else gets hurt when the car rolls away.

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2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine, small cylinders do not provide much resistance to keep the vehicle from rolling.

As mentioned above, putting it in gear w/a manual transmission isn’t a reliable way to prevent the car from moving. If you notice it worked before but not now in the same location, same hill steepness etc, perhaps the engine compression has lowered to a point a repair is needed. Wouldn’t be that unusual at 188K. Ask your mechanic to check that.