Volvo v70 bucks going uphill and loses power

My 1998 Volvo v70 loses power and bucks when it goes uphill. I also have to but it in neutral to avoid stalling at stop lights and signs. And when I put into drive it makes a thumping noise…

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Lots more information would be a big help. How many miles and what has the maintenance history been.

Usually problems like this are the result of a long overdue tuneup. Plus, filters, that sort of thing. Usually problems like this on 1998 cars also store fault codes in the computer. Has your Check Engine Light lit?

Take the car to a good reputable independent shop, tell him what’s going on, give him an honest overview if its maintenance history, and let him check for codes and do diagnosis. Unless something unusual has happened, chances are excellent that this will be readily correctable.

It has just received a tune up - new filters, tie rods, spark plugs, oil change, replaced tires and a realignment- it does have a 167 000 miles on it… but it has been running “fine” - meaning these issues are recent.
The thumping sound is like its going to stall…
The check engine light has been lighting up when it bucks up hill.

I have read elsewhere that it might be a distributor cap issue…

I hope this helps a bit more, I’ll see what else I can dig up in the meantime…

I really appreciate any insights you might have.

Did the problem start after you had the work done or before?

I suggest you have the fuel pump checked. It may be a little weak.

The bucking and power loss are why we got the tune up done… the problems got worse after though.

The check engine light tells me that it’s storing codes. Joseph may be right about the fuel pump. But there are other possibilities like a clogged cat converter.

When you brought the car in did you tell them the symptoms and ask them to diagnose it, or did you tell them to tune it up? Those two questions are significantly different.

Getting the tuneup done was a good idea. Sometimes, the WHOLE problem is because routine maintenance (which a tuneup is) has not been kept current. Your car has further problems. Fuel pressure needs to be checked after a clean fuel filter has been installed. Get the trouble codes.
Then, it’s time to do some more troubleshooting, if the problem is still there. We’re all cyber-ears.