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2005 Volkswagen Golf - Yes or no?

I am planning to buy a vw golf. should I buy it? what common problems does it have? will it last 3-4 years?

Only you can answer that. Do some research on VW sites and Consumer Reports, Edmunds, and JD Power.
Any car will last 3-4 years with enough $$$$

Planning to buy a 13 year old VW Golf ( OK, that is your business ) Should you buy it ( How would I know without seeing it or driving it ) Common problems ( At 13 years they could have all been fixed ) Last 3 or 4 years ( Again as one of our members likes to say ’ I don’t have a Crystal Ball ’ )

If there are no apparent problems, pay a mechanic for a prepurchase inspection. This will tell you what it needs now and what it will need soon. The inspection will also tell you if there are any problems too big to take on.

No one here, or anywhere else on Earth, can tell you whether or not a 2005 anything is going to be reliable.

It’s a collection of 14 year old used, or well used, parts; any of which is subject to fail at any time.

An inspection can help to some degree but even those are not infallible. Many years ago I did an inspection for an individual of a car that was low miles and as new; inside and out.
He bought the car and drove it for 6 months.

One morning he started it up to go to work and smoke rolled out around the hood. He got out, raised the hood, and the blaze really took hold them. By the time the fire dept. showed up it was wiped.
The last thing he remembers seeing is a fuel line split and gushing gas. How is one to predict something like that…

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