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Sell my 2000 VW Golf or drive it into the ground?

Hello. I have a 2000 VW Golf GL (2.0) that has 100K miles on it. While I expect the engine has a lot more life in it, components are starting to wear out and need to be replaced: tie rods, struts, shocks, brake calipers. The cruise stopped working awhile ago and the headliner is falling apart. KBB on my car is around 3K for private-party sale. Should I dump it, try to get some cash and get another car, or should I just drive it until it starts to fall apart? It would be no question if it were just aesthetic stuff. I’d just continue to drive it, but since the components are related to driving safety I need some advice. Thanks.

If I could reasonably afford a new(er) car, I’d sell. It’s only going to get worse.

start looking/saving now, then you’ll have an idea of what you want when something major happens. Nothing worse than needing a new car and having to buy today; the salesmen can sense desperation

From your list, I’m under the impression that you get these things repaired when necessary and have them occasionally checked. That keeps the car safe. I see nothing in the powertarin on the list, so you’re probably good for quite a while there too as long as you continue to maintain it. 100,000 miles isn’t that much in today’s cars. My car has almost twice that. A new headliner can be purchased over the internet and installed. The cruis control may not be expensive to fix.

I say keep on driving it until you begin to have serious engine or powertrain problems. Or rot problems.

Unless, of course, you’d like me to support a new car…which I will. It’s your money, so why not.

At 100,000 miles, suspension and brakes are maintenance. If you like the car, keep driving it until the engine or transmission start to act up. If you are looking for an excuse for a new car, then Monday only comes once this week!

our 87 Jettas went to 180K and 190k, 12 years before we traded them. Engine and manual transmission were find but we could see the next cycle of major maintenance looming. Interiors were in good condition. Sounds like you should be looking and preparing for a replacement. Some routine maintenance may still be incurred until you find a car that you like.

I luved those Jettas, a lot of fun to drive, and they still running fine when we sold them.

If you need an excuse, hear goes; dump it. You really don’t need a special reason if you loose confidence in a car.

It depends on your wants and needs.

If you want the best value for transportation over the next few years and you don’t mind a car that could break down on you, then fixing this one is the way to go. The repairs you mention shouldn’t be too bad at a good independent mechanic. (I’d probably look for an upholstery shop for the headliner issue.)

If you’re comfortable financially or if reliability is very important, then it’s reasonable to say that you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of this car and to move up to a newer one.