2005 v6 silverado, not starting, backfiring some

2005 v6 silverado, not starting, backfiring some, this happened all of a sudden, I do have spark, good clean distrub cap/rotor, plug wires, since this no start happened today then - new hall effect sensor, and new cank position sensor, new battery,
Should I be looking into the fuse system? there is pressure at the fuel line, but do not know how much (don’t have a guage) and am confused if this would cause backfiring.
It is currently show no error codes for the OBD II

I am going to ask a dumb question (well two), but have you verified the firing order from the plugs to the cap?? Also have you verified the distributor has not come loose (IE can you twist it with your hands?). It sounds like a timing issue, but since you have already replaced most of the system, you may have to backtrack and start from square one again. You may also look into the coil, it may be weak, as you did not say how many miles you truck has.

truck has 130,000 miles
the firing order has not been fooled with since this happened, but I verified it again,
it does sound like a timing issue, will try to twist-check the distributor,
the little spark tester I have (first time use) shows an orange spark, my old one showed blue on other cars but it has since died, the coil ohms reading were about 1.6 primary and 17K secondary

would a weak coil cause backfiring?

An orange spark indicates a weak spark. The spark should be blue in color. A weak coil can cause an orange spark.


put in a new coil, no luck, still no error codes showing, not really backfiring but really acts like timing has jumped or something,
Does that just happen, it was running good tthree days ago when shut down,
cars in the past that jump timing have been running,

Have you checked for the possiblity of a jumped/stretched timing chain?