2005 Toyota Sequoia timing belt interval

When should the timing belt be changed on an '05 Toyota 4.7L V8, with
56,000 original miles?

The timing belt change interval on my 2006 Sienna was 7 yr/90k miles whichever came first. Assuming the interval is the same for your Tundra, the first replacement was due in 2012 -2013 time frame.

Ed B.

What does your manual say?

I’d guess something like every 6 years or 100K miles. Despite the low miles… it sounds like that belt is probably 13 years old at this point. Meaning you’re on borrowed time, friend.

Good luck.

90k miles is what’s specified in the manual. The 4.7L is an interference engine.

Engine heat, oil and coolant leaks, and environmental conditions also play a part. You’ve been gambling for a long time.