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2005 Toyota Prius won't turn off

Hi All,

Would appreciate your input on what’s happening with my vehicle. I live in Arizona–so I understand the heat is hard on electronics. I’ve had the same issue 3 times this month–dashboard goes black (no speedometer or gas gauge) but the car works great…then can’t turn it off. I’ve tried to troubleshoot over the phone and have taken it into the dealership. No solution. From what I’ve seen on-line, this isn’t a novel problem. What should I tell my mechanic? I need a reliable vehicle!


From a quick search it appears the instrument cluster fails.The cluster is replaced as a unit and reprogrammed for the correct vehicle mileage. It doesn’t appear to be particularly novel which makes it surprising the Toyota dealer didn’t have a suggestion for fixing it. Figure just under $1000 if you want the dealer to install a new one.

I have seen some strange things happen. Do you have any after market stuff? Case in point, I tapped on to a 2 way radio in a GMC Safari for power to a spotlight. Imagine my surprise when the van would not turn off if the spotlight was plugged in. Another case 2 way radio installed by technician in a gmc truck, car would not turn off unless you opened and closed the door. I think these words of wisdom will guide you to your answer!