2005 Toyota Corolla - Cat cleaner

I have inserted a catalytic system cleaner through the intake manifold, in the same time pumped the accelerator. At the beginning car run for a while (a bottle of 180 ml not completely sucked about more than its half), then car stalled and stopped. I have tried to start it to no avail.
I need a help, please
Car is a 2006 toyota corolla 1300cc

Have you checked the spark plugs? They may be gunked up from the catalytic converter cleaner.


I have replaced them by new spark plugs.
By the way, I’ve checked them out to see if fuel come in the cylinders and found fuel much.

The only way to partially clean a catalytic converter is to get it hot with normal combustion air present. The best way to do that is to make sure the air filter is clean and then take the car on a nice highway drive for 30 minutes. Anything else is unrealistic unreliable. Once the platinum / palladium on the converter gets contaminated or used up there is nothing that can be done to reactivate it. If the car has been running rich and a lot of unburned fuel has been going out the exhaust, the catalytic surface can be coated by soot (called cokeing) That can be burned off by a nice drive.

What was the reason you used this product in the first place?Like they say" if it ain’t broke,don’t touch it"

I’ve used that product to improve the car power .

Where in the world did you get the idea that ’ Cat Cleaner ’ would increase engine power ? Did you even bother to find out if the catalytic converter was bad.


Is the catalytic converter clogged? If so who do you know?

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I’ve watched some videos. All of them explain that the product I’ve used clean catalytic converter.
Aaaaaah and this what happened.

I very much doubt that cleaner would do anything good, and obviously did something bad. Youtube videos are bad sources of information on this kind of thing, easy for the seller to put them out there.


And now you will need a shop to solve this and you may have to replace a converter that did not have anything wrong with it. Also where are you located ?

You said “half of the 180 ml bottle sucked in”…
How did you introduce it?
Was it a spray or liquid?

Though a small pipe connecting between the intake manifold and the bottle.

What are the symptoms when you try to start the car? Can you tell if it’s a no-fuel or a no-spark situation?

There is nothing abnormal.
I have spark, fuel (fuel pump works ok) and electric power to injectors.

I noticed fuel on spark plugs.

The spark plugs are fouled by the solvent you were injecting into the engine. Clean the spark plugs with brake cleaner.

I have replaced them by new one.

New spark plugs won’t work if they are fouled with gasoline and solvent. You need to remove the spark plugs, clean them and clear the cylinders.

Disconnect the catalytic converter and see if the engine starts.

If it does, the substrate in the catalytic converter melted using whatever product you introduced into the engine.


What are the materials required?

Please tell me the method …step by step.

I will be abbreviated.