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2005 Toyota Camry oil use

need to add 0.5 quart oil every 1K miles on conventional oil, even worse on valvoline high mileage one. there is no oil leak found, the spark plugs looks very clean. no idea what happens.

One quart every 2000 miles is nothing to worry about on a 13 year old car, or even a new car for that matter.


Congratulations on checking your oil often enough.

1 quart every 2000 miles is nothing to worry about, a lot of new cars use more than that.
A 13 year old car that only burns 1 quart every 2000 miles is something a lot of people would be bragging about.

Keep doing what ever it is you’re doing and you have a good chance of getting another 13 years out of this car.


My 2002 Camry(2.4L) with 194,000 miles uses about 1 quart every 500 miles. Consider yourself fortunate, keep checking the oil regularly and motor on.

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What is the mileage on your car?

109K on mine.

Thanks guys for sharing your experiences.
I got the Camry in 2015 when it was 139K, now it’s 149K.

Drive on and keep paying good attention to your car.

If you only logged 10k miles in 3 years, I REALLY hope that you are changing the oil every 6 months, rather than changing the oil according to odometer mileage.

If the car has a PCV valve, change it.

That oil loss rate is normal. Just check the oil on the dipstick and top off before it gets below the one quart low mark between changes. My 26 year old Corolla uses one quart in 5000 miles and when it gets one quart low I just change the oil and filter. The oil level on the dipstick is my measure of when to change it. With yours you’ll have to top off once or twice in between changes is all.