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2005 Toyota Camry - Excessive Shaking (Coolant Hose, and Intake)

I’ve noticed a bit of shaking on what I believe to be the coolant hose going from the engine block to the radiator, as well as the air box, and the baffle. Is this amount of shaking normal?

See the video showing it above. I thought that perhaps maybe I had some fasteners loose. Not sure but I figured I would check. I have the 2AZ-FE engine. The fasteners I have loosened in the past I torqued down to specification.

I hear no hissing sounds, and made sure the clamps were down tight. So I don’t believe I have a air leak. I have had the big fat hose going from the air box to the throttle body removed before when I cleaned the the throttle body.

Thanks for any help

Not excessive shaking at all. Normal idle shake every 4 cylinder ever built has. especially one with the age this one has.

You are obsessing about this car. Please relax.

Ok thanks! I figured I would ask. Not sure what is normal vibration and what isn’t.

John Smith really needs a new hobby or maybe a good supply of Quaaludes .