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Camry has a hissing sound and gets terrible mileage

My 2005 Toyota le Camry 4cyl 2.4l has been having a hissing sound that comes from somewhere in between the firewall and the engine on the driver side when idling or going slow. The noise usually starts when the car is warmed up, but lately its been starting less than 30 seconds after starting the car. Ive noticed that if I pull the steeringwheel about half an inch in either direction it muffles the sound or gets rid of it entirely. Also the car has been having some pretty bad shakes, but when i tug on the steering wheel it stops hissing and shaking, plus the rpms jumps a little bit. I’m getting 18mph with city/highway driving. I’ve hear about a vacuum leak that rubs against the steering column. Any response helps thanks

Not clear to me. Have you opened the hood and look for an air leak/vacuum leak. Your driver side is where the air filter is, did someone recently change it? Maybe they left things loose.

Yep opened it up and went through with some starting fluid with no luck. I replaced the air filter and it’s definitely air tight.

Check the p/s pump pulley for tightness.

Check the vacuum line to the power brake booster carefully. The engine may be moving just enough when you turn the steering wheel to open and close the leak.

Or maybe it’s a snake.

I think that your power steering pump has a bad bearing.
A check with an automotive stethoscope would prove this.


I have had the same car and the power steering pump is on the passenger side. The hoses are also there. I think the steering just causes something to open up. I like the brake booster hose thought better.