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2005 Subaru Legacy will not Start, Strange Engine Cranking

So I had gotten in my car and pulled the car up in my driveway as I was getting it warmed up to go to school. I usually give the car a little rev so the heat will come quicker as I don’t have too much time in the morning. Anyway after I revved it a tad the car sat and then just turned off. What followed was no noise but when attempting to turn the car on, it makes the very strange cranking sound that you will here in the attached audio file put onto this thread (the video takes a few seconds to start the noises at the start are the rain). Three people who are familiar with cars have no idea and claimed the cranking rhythm was very strange and had no idea what to do. It also seems I may have an antifreeze leak that may or may not have gone into the engine (unknown if it has at this time but the car never had any in it to my knowledge so maybe after putting some in a while back it somehow got into the engine). Anyway any help would be appreciated. Also the car really seems as if it wants to turn over and the alternator and starter both seem fine. Just figured out I cant attached files so this thread is near useless (dont know why thats a rule but okay) but ill keep it up anyways

Some sort of problem with the camshaft system is my guess. Suggest to not crank the engine further until a shop has verified the camshaft and crankshaft remain in sync. If you must try something yourself (I’d be in the category :slight_smile: ) you could remove all the spark plugs and turn the crankshaft from the bolt on the crank pulley, feeling for any sort of binding or hearing weird noises. You might could get a friend to watch the camshaft through the oil fill hole while you do this, to verify it is turning along w/ the crankshaft. Checking the radiator coolant and engine oil fill levels makes sense of course.

From what I see the 4 banger engine uses a timing belt, and the 6 banger uses a chain. If you have the 4- banger, my guess is the belt broke.

The first thing that comes to mind with a strange cranking noise is a timing belt or chain that has gone south. That can happen just sitting there or when you revved it up. A quick way to check is to look through the oil filler if possible to see if the lifters move when the engine is cranked. At any rate this car needs to go to a shop for a look. They’ll prolly do a compression test if warranted. Oh and before going to class review here and hear.

That was my first thought.
I wonder when–if ever–this car had its timing belt changed.
On the basis of elapsed time, this 2005 model year vehicle should have had the timing belt changed circa 2013.