2005 Subaru Legacy - Timing Belt



I own a 2005 Subaru Legacy with just under ~102K miles on it. I know that I’m supposed to get my timing belt replaced about now and was going to take it in this weekend or next. However, this morning the car barely started and would not accelerate until after I’d had my foot on the pedal for 3 or 4 seconds. I knew something was up so I circled back around the block to go home and on the way the check engine light came on. After getting back and parking it there was some smoke coming from underneath the front of the car.

I am hesitant to try and start it up again now for fear of doing damage unnecessarily. Any ideas if this is related to the timing belt and, regardless, should I not try and start the car again (to take it to the shop)?

I haven’t noticed anything wrong prior to this other than some brief screetching after starting it in very cold temperatures. Any help would be much appreciated.


Get it towed to a shop. A timing belt failure will result in no check engine light but the engine stopping immediately and never starting again till addressed.

Get this issue fixed. Your timing belt is due at 105k miles.


not your timing belt…have you checked the oil and antifreeze levels?


Thanks for the advice.


The timing belt is due for a change and based on the symptoms (screeching, smoke from under the hood, and sluggish running) it’s possible that a belt tensioner or idler pulley, or even a water pump, is trying to seize up either on the timing belt or the accessory belt.

This car should not be driven as it is and should be towed.