2005 Subaru 2.5 Limited Outback

If I drive my Outback for over an hour, when I make sharp turns at a low speed in a parking lot my front end doesn’t seem to turn right. As a I turn it seems like maybe the front differential is not working right, both wheels want to spin a the same rate. what could cause this?

Are all of the tires, “matched”, in terms of…
Tread depth
Tread design
and…most important of all…

I am asking because this symptom sounds like the type of center differential/viscous coupler problem that results from not having tires that are properly “matched”.

What can you tell us about the tires on the car?
Have you ever replaced fewer than all of the 4 tires?
Have you rotated the tires on a consistent basis (e.g.–every 5k miles, or every 7.5k miles?)

I have always had a matched set of tires that are rotated every 5K. There is no uneven wear on the tires. I have no problems when I first start driving.

One would imagine that, if there was something wrong with the differential, the tires would be wearing like crazy. There’s no clicking or noise associated with turns? I’d carefully inspect your half shafts.

I have been listening for noise, but have heard nothing.

I’d roll it onto ramps and have a close look at the half shafts. Make sure the boots aren’t torn. Usually the half shaft’s u-joints (located under those boots) start clicking or grinding in turns but I guess they don’t have to do that to be bad.

Also inspect at all the ball joints for play or wear. They should all be tight and the rubber should be in tact.

The tie rods are those things that make a connection to from the steering rack to the wheel hub assembly. They have u-joints and when they have play, your steering suffers badly. Lift the front wheels off the ground, grab the tire at 3 and 9 'o clock and see if there’s movement. There shouldn’t be much play. If you indeed feel play, your tie rods may need replacing.

I’ve actually thought I would hear that grinding/clicking noise, and that’s perplexing. the equivalent feel of what I’m experiencing is turning with the older 4WD systems on a truck on dry pavement where it fights a bit while making sharp turns.

I hear ya. It feels like both tires spin at nearly the same rate. Your tires wouldn’t last, if that was the case.
Is your front differential fluid level okay?

The fluid levels are fine.

I hope you realize that there is a third dipstick under the hood.
In addition to the dipsticks for the engine and the trans, there is also one for the front differential.
Have you checked that one also?