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Body noise

2001 subaru make rubbing noise in rear wheh making hardright or lft turns when the body leans

rubbing noise from rear of Outback when making hard turns

You did ask this question in another thread this morning. One of those responses was that this could be due to sagging fender liner(s) and/or oversized tires. Those were both good suggestions to investigate.

However, noises tend to be difficult to describe both in terms of what they sound like and exactly where they are emanating from. Some additional possiblities include a rear differential that is low on lubricating oil and a center differential/viscous coupling that has been damaged from the use of mismatched tires.

I believe in the other thread you mentioned that this is an LL Bean model Outback. That model came with a Limited Slip rear differential, so this noise could also indicate the type of problems that can be unique to that type of diff. Also, if it is low on lubricating oil, limited slip diffs require a unique type of oil, so be sure that your mechanic is aware that it has this type of diff.

I believe that you told us in the other thread that this is a recently-purchased used car, and unfortunately that means that you are at the mercy of the previous owner’s attention to details in terms of maintenance. If he/she drove the car with mismatched tires–in terms of amount of wear, or in terms of tire size, or even in terms of brand/model of tires, that could have caused damage to the center differential/viscous coupling and/or possibly even damage to the limited slip rear differential.

I would suggest that you seek a mechanic in your area who is known for his expertise with Subarus. Unfortunately, someone not familiar with the unique “quirks” of Subarus may not know what to look for, so that is why you need someone with specific expertise. If I am correct about the center diff/viscous coupling, you could be looking at a pricey repair bill and delaying this repair may make the bill higher.

Please post back with the results of the mechanic’s examination of the car.

Thank so very much. I have taken back to where I purchased… they have set an apponitment to have the oil change in the differential next Thursday Aug 13… I do have a 30 day 1000 mi waranty. the car have on 51,000 miles on it. Hopefully they will honor the 30day without hassel. thank you again juliep