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2005 saturn vue onstar

First of all thank you all for the help on the Ford Ranger. Now I have a Saturn Vue. Just baught it a couple of months ago for $4000. Took it home and it would not start the next day. Add another $5000 to get it running and up to snuff. It turns out I baught it from an ‘organization’ that I suspect programs the onstar so to be able to locate and open your car. A few weaks after I baught it, my car was robbed with no forced entry. The problem I am having is trying to locate and permanently disable the onstar. Thanks in advance. Michael

I don’t think Onstar is your problem . What did 5000.00 on a 4000.00 vehicle consist of ? I have no idea what you mean by ’ organization ’ that you bought it from. You should contact who ever you bought this thing from and see it they have a GPS locator on it.

So someone kept a duplicate (or triplicate) key fob so they can open your car. No OnStar involved.

Or maybe they continued to pay OnStar’s fee - it isn’t free - so they can unlock your car. Call OnStar on your car and ask the operator if anyone called OnStar to unlock the doors recently.

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The guy posed as the owner. I had to find the owners on the title. ‘Organization’ is a gang. South East Portland has a problem with chop shops and gangs. I didn’t find out about this until after I bought the car. Where I bought the car and where I was robbed is about 30 miles away. How did they find the car?

So now you’ve got $9000 into something that at best is worth around $5000. I hate to say this but you were robbed before the car was ever gotten into.