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No Power

No Power to my car. Dash lights wont come on, emegency lights, dead. Tthe ignition wont even make a click any more. Battery is 1 month old. The car was making a loud screatching noice before it would start. The old battery had a dead cell.

Either the battery is dead or there is a bad connection between it and the main panel under the hood. Check the main fuses under the hood and the wiring to the main panel. Check the alternator belt and make sure it is tight and have the alternator checked out by a shop by doing a load test after you get it running. The alternator may have been damaged by the bad battery.

It sounds (no pun intended) as if you have a serpentine belt that is slipping badly. If that is the case, the alternator was unable to charge the battery sufficiently to keep it alive. I think that a badly slipping belt has killed your 1 month old battery.