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2005 Pontiac G6 safety locks

can a person install safety locks on these car.

:confounded:……………….What are you asking about ?

On the wheels?

The Car Jack?

Hood pins?

Or a paddle lock on each door???

Straight jackets will not fit those seats!!!

Gee give us a little more to go on. No crystal ball here!!!


They already have child protection locks.

I was pretty sure they did. The only other thing I guess could be “safety” locks are my 4 doors that lock automatically when I exceed 12 mph.

My last two cars automatically locked the doors at some slow speed, 5-10 MPH.

Yeah, I’d have to look again but I think you can program the locks either way. Mine are set to unlock when I put it in park and lock when I put it in drive.

Bing – Did you say that backwards?

Automatic door locks that lock with gear position or vehicle movement are quite common but safety locks are something special.

So what are “safety locks”?

Yeah ten character minimum

I thought they were talking about the back doors. Have a little lever that you can move that keeps them locked so they can’t be opened from the inside. So no kids can accidentally open the door. You have to open it from the outside.

Otherwise I dunno.

It all depends. Aftermarket one size fits all, probably not. Vehicle specific from the dealer probably. If it’s what I think it is, you already have them. But we will never know since you don’t bother to tell us what your talking about.