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2008 Pontiac Vibe- Driving home in reverse

My 2008 Vibe had been driving forward for a while but not backwards (neutral moved forward and reverse acted like neutral). The other night while driving home the car decided to fall out of gear. None of the forward gears engage but now the reverse engages so I had to drive the last few hundred yards home in reverse. The car has about 160k miles and has never had a full trans flush. Looking like new car time?

Have you checked the transmission fluid level?

Have you had ANY mechanics look at the car? If not, it is WAY past time. It could be a simple thing like a bad engine mount or a broken shift cable (assuming this is an automatic - you don’t say) or the transmission might need to be rebuilt. If the car is in good shape, the Toyota engine in this car could run many miles - 200,000 and up.

A piece of advice. When problems occur, even small ones, have them checked out and repaired right away. Don’t just live with them. Even small problems that are cheap and easy to repair initially can cause massive repair bills later on if you don’t have them repaired promptly. That may be the case here, I hope not. Good Luck.