2005 Mitsubishi Lancer - Coolant Leaking

My car takes ages to turn off like the faan keeps running also the radiator does not flow through over flow or the other way around whichever it goes cars not over heating but fan just takes ages to shut down and coolant is going I don’t know where out of over flow bottle its empty after 3days when I filled it last

Some cars keep the fan running after the car shuts off until the engine cools down to a specified temperature since the time right after you stop the car is when the engine will be extremely hot without the fan to cool it down

Do you mean the coolant in the radiator?

So you’re leaking coolant somewhere. This is bad. You need to find out where it’s going…whether it’s the head gasket, into the transmission, busted water outlet/inlet, leaking out of the water pump…

I know you said:

But if you’ve leaked enough coolant that the temperature sensor is now in an air pocket, it won’t know that then engine is overheating

So two things, 1. get the car to the mechanics for diagnostics and repair, and 2. please use some punctuation next time. Your post was very difficult to read and follow