Radiator fliud

I have a 1997 Mitsubishi, galant(110000 miles) I noticed green radiator fluid in the garage. When I opened the radiator plug; the fluid was overflowing and the fluid leaked out.In the reservoir, the level is “low” this never happened before. please help!!

It may be the hose from the radiator to the recovery tank is plugged. This is easy to check and replace. Warm up the engine and see if the coolant level rises in the reservoir. If there is a more serious problem that is pressurizing the cooling system (blown head gasket), the coolant will overflow the reservoir when the engine is warm. A defective radiator cap that doesn’t release the pressure is another possibility.

Thanks!! I ran the engine till it was warm and checked the rising of the fluid in the reservoir. The coolant did rise a little bit. I also discovered the problem { I hope}; the hose the leads from the radiator to the engine?? is worn out right at the joint and saw some green fluid right underneath it. That might be it. I will have it checked on Monday. In the meantime, is to safe to drive?? please respond.

If this is the large upper radiator hose, no. Fix this first. If it fails, the engine will overheat really quick. And with all the aluminum in modern engines, overheating can cost a lot more that the upper radiator hose and a tow to the mechanic.

It is the large upper radiator hose, It is torn half way through right next to the metal clasp. I will duck tape it for now. Mechanic is 10 minutes away, I will not drive and will have this done on Monday. Thanks and have a nice weekend.