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2005 Mercury Monterey pulling to the right even after alignment

My van was pulling to the right so I had it aligned. It drove great for a couple of weeks with only minor drifting to the right when I took my hand off the steering wheel. I also had the tires balanced and rotated at the same time and the guy said that it may pull because of the wear on the tires. Now, which is about 2 1/2 months after, if I take my hand off the steering wheel the van will immediately veer to the right. I have to keep my hand on the steering wheel at all times. Also, the tires are roaring. Of course I figured they would roar a little being rotated but 2 1/2 months later??? What in the world could be causing all of this?

Switch the front tires side to side. I have the same situation with a 93 Caprice and to a lesser extent with a 2000 Blazer. Any pull to the left after the rotation is balanced by the crown in the road and the vehicle should track straight.

The roar could be a bad wheel bearing. Does the pitch of the noise change when the steering wheel is turned off center (i.e. changing lanes)?

Ed B.

A “roar” is not normal. Lots of things could be causing a pull…misalignment, sticking brakes or bad bearings just to name a couple. More than likely the noise and pulling are related, though.

What happens when you step on the brakes? Does the pull even out, pull to the other side? What about the noise? Does it get louder, softer?

Most vehicles will pull just a tiny bit to the right on any two lane road, as the road is built with a slight rise in the middle to assist water runoff.



Have you checked the tire pressure?

Tire pressure is good. The only way I know to describe the roaring is…it sounds like one of these 4x4 trucks with the big knobby tires. The roar is loader and a lower “rumble” going slow and as I pick up speed becomes higher pitched and then goes lower again when I start slowing down. It still pulls even with braking and stopping. From the inside (to me) it sounds just like one of those trucks. It wasn’t making this noise until the tires were rotated. Beforehand it was quiet, other than usual road noise, but was still pulling. I also forgot to mention that when I back up or pull off sometimes a “whirp” sound (metal rubbing) comes from the front end, just can’t figure out which side and it only happens sometimes. I was thinking that maybe when they rotated the tires something had been sticking or catching and somehow it was loosened and now after a little time it has started sticking or catching again.