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2005 Mercury Montego passenger calipe won't crank

I am trying to do brakes. I am using a rear caliper adjustment tool. The rear passenger caliper will not crank inward. The drivers side caliper screws to an open position and appears not to allow enough space to mount onto the brakes. I remounted the caliper adjustment tool to open the caliper more but I cannot get the adjustment tool off the caliper. I checked and have the correct brakes for my car.

Well doesn’t that just stink! Do you have a question?

I’ll offer that I can’t say I’ve ever gotten the tool stuck on the caliper. Get out an old screwdriver and pry it off, being careful not to damage the seals.

I find the calipers pretty hard to turn if the brake fluid hasn’t been changed very regularly. It helps a lot to crack the bleed screw open and attach a bleed bottle while you screw the piston back into the caliper. Stay with it and screw it in as far as it will go and it will fit over the new pads. Make sure the slots on the piston are aligned top-to-bottom so they fit into the mating studs on the back of the brake pad. Keep at it! Good Luck.