Fresstyle brake caliper


I cannot get a caliper passenger side rear to retract. I have tried turning both ways and opening bleeder. What am I doing wrong.



The rear calipers have self-adjusting pistons due to the park brake.
This means the piston has to pushed back into its bore as it is rotated clockwise. You will need to either buy or make a tool, or use one of the free loaner tools from places like AutoZone, O’Reillys, etc.

Any caliper piston that has a slot or notches usually means it is self-adjusting.


I have been turning both directions with a tool that looks like a box and has tits that fit into the piston but it will not retract. The caliper also has an arrow showing counter clock wise … Which way is the correct way to turn it?


You don’t have the parking brake engaged, do you?


no I do not this thing is driving me crazy


which is correct clockwise or counter clockwise


try opening the bleeder before you turn.


What vehicle (make and model) do you have?