2005 Mazda6 battery

The battery in my 2005 Mazda6 has never lasted more than around two and a half years. I have had to replace the most recent battery after 19 months. I have never left the headlights on nor any interior light. What could be going on?

Have you had a full load test done?

The test involves turning on all electrical devices to load the system while the alternator is checked.

There MAY be a parasitic drain causing the battery to drain slightly and the charging system may not be able to recharge the battery causing a drop over a period of time.

Perhaps even a bad ground connection somewhere.

Thanks. I’ll talk to my mechanic about getting this test done.

Maybe your alternator isn’t charging properly. If the battery is getting discharged more than expected, that will reduce its lifespan.

Where do you live? Is it very hot there? Batteries don’t like heat.

I will add one that may be overlooked. Your battery may be being over charged. How often do you check the electrolyte level? How often is it low?

If you never check it, or if you do and need to add water (how often?) then it may be overcharged and you may need a repair to the charging system.

i have the same issue. i have a 2006 model and i’m on the third battery. i drive mostly long trips and live in the southwest and don’t put a lot of strain on the battery. other than that the car is holding up well at 131,000 miles so i’m not overly concerned about the battery…in fact this last one was free because it went out soon enuf that it was still under full warrenty. my suggestion is get your batteries with a warrenty and as soon as it starts dragging to start the car immediatly replace it because in my experience it’s dead at that point.