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2005 mazda tribute sluggish acceleration

hey guys i just need your inputs on how to solve this issue. i was on my way home suddenly the acceleration of the trib went sluggish… low idle especially when you put it on drive and with the a/c on. It can rev but it feels like you are reving a 1.1L engine.

What could be the cause? any ideas? I already had the sensors etc cleaned 6 months ago…
Need some of your expert opinions of those who have experienced or know someone who had this problem before. this would be a big help on narrowing down on what to check… thanks guys! OH and it has NO check engine light.

Check eng light on? Could be a clogged catalytic converter.

No check engine light… low rpm when i put it on drive or reverse

It sort of sounds like the ignition timing is retarded for some reason. That could definitely cause sluggish acceleration and reduced idle rpm. My guess, some problem with the ignition system. Especially the crank sensor.

Second guess, my 70’s VW Rabbit would sometimes act up like that, and when it did I knew I was having a problem with low fuel pressure at the injectors.

I just turned the engine on
Still no check engine. Could this be a fuel pump going bad?

@GeorgeSanJose if thats the case what did u replace?

On the Rabbit of that vintage, the fuel injection system isn’t designed like your car, so there’s no direct comparison. The equivalent of what I did on the Rabbit, on your car would be to replace the fuel pressure regulator. That part is fairly easy for a mechanic to test on your car, so I wouldn’t replace it on a whim. Ask your shop to test it instead. They could test the fuel pump at the same time, the test procedure is similar. I wouldn’t presume this to be a fuel problem though until the ignition system theory has been disproved.

BTW, the first thing your shop should do in any event is read out the diagnostic codes. There could be some stored in memory as “pending” even though the CEL light isn’t lighted yet.

Ill check the codes later…

i was not able to get codes today but i drove the car… when i put it on drive the idle drops and still sluggish to rev up during drive… maf sensor?

Was the MAF cleaned 6 months ago?
The sudden onset suggests an electrical issue.
First, check that battery voltage is 13.5-14.5V with the engine idling.
Test the throttle position sensor(s), especially for “dead” spots.
Test fuel pressure.
Not electrical, but a possibility: clean the IACV (intake air control valve) if it has one.

@circuitsmith thanks for the info this would really help narrowing down the problem. Keep it coming guys! thanks in advance. Oh to answer re maf… yes it was cleaned also

Bad idle would likely be iac valve. They also tend to cause vacuum leaks.