2001 Mazda Tribute issues

I have a 01 Mazda tribute 2.0l 2wh/dr,5sp,pwr pckg.(No Fault Codes)in excellent shape ,proper service intervals ,runs great! 233,000kms(145,000miles)
I replaced the I.A.C. ,huge vacuum leak also repaired.but still have a couple issues.

  1. revs to 4000 rpm at startup ,then returns to a smooth idle.
    2.when driving ,i take my foot off throttle and still maintains throttle setting for a couple of seconds.
    i cant find any other vacuum leaks at all.
    any ideas ,TPS maybe?

Throttle cable could be frayed or binding. See a mechanic ASAP.

Thanx ,turns out the replacment IAC valve was no good !?!

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