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2003 lincoln ls overheating

The radiator hose ruptured on my son’s 2003 Lincoln LS. He had his friend replaced it and bled the system, but it’s intermittently overheating still. He’s had the car 4 years, and it’s always had green coolant — had the thermostat housing replaced right after buying it. Otherwise, it’s been a good runner.

When the engine is cold, remove the coolant recovery tank pressure cap.

Start the engine, and as it idles watch the coolant inside the tank.

If bubbles begin to appear in the coolant, it’s an indication of a blown head gasket.


No bubbles. Engine block tester result was negative, as well.

Take a look at the color of the transmission fluid.


Other than being wrong type - green not yellow - it looks fine.

Transmission fluid neither green nor yellow.


my fault. misread your post. will check.

The LS has had some overheating problems due to a cracked coolant recovery tank. It’s virtually impossible to see this problem with the tank in the car. From memory it seems to me the tank is barely visible as it’s located inside the left front fender.

My son and daughter in law also had this problem with the LS they had and it was the tank.

That’s probably your coolant, not your transmission fluid