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2005 Lexus timing belt

I have a 2005 Lexus SC430 with 55000 miles on it. I do regular maintenance
and have had no problems at all with the car. The dealer is recommending
that I have the timing belt changed out because the car is 12 years old. I
put about 3-5000 miles/year on the car and rarely travel over 500 miles from
home (in this car). I am 76 and plan to keep this fun little gem until
death do us part. Is changing the timing belt really advisable at this time?
If not, is there a time when spending these $$ becomes a must do? Thanks
for any advice.

Timing belts are changed due to mileage or time , usually 7 years so the dealer is correct. If it breaks your engine will suffer catastrophic damage so change it now.


I think those are interference engine. Better be safe than sorry…change it

This is an estimate from with OEM parts.It could be less depending on labor rates in your area.

Repair Estimate: Timing Belt Replacement for 2005 Lexus SC 430


Parts (49%)
Labor (51%)

Estimate Details
Timing Belt Replacement for 2005 Lexus SC 430
Parts (49% of total cost)

Timing Belt
Parts: #1356809070 x 1$52.33
Parts: #135050F010 x 1$82.57
Parts: #135030F010 x 1$82.88
Parts: #9031171002 x 2$66.24
Parts: #90311A0002 x 1$28.21
Parts: #135030F010 x 1$94.96
Labor (51% of total cost)

Installing Timing Belt
$113.00 per hour x 3.9 hours$440.70
Using standard rate at ZIP 12901. Customize Labor Rate


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Get it done as soon as possible it is way overdue. The replacement interval is 90,000 miles, and that implies a six year interval. You should be ready for the second timing belt replacement now. If the water pump is accessible only by removing the timing belt, replace that now. If you haven’t replaced the coolant, do that too. Replacing the water pump means draining the coolant, and you should replace the coolant under that circumstance even if it is a few years old.

@COROLLAGUY1 While your looking up the repair cost was meant to help I am not sure that is really a good idea. We don’t know where people are or who they are using for the service. I just feel it is better to confirm that the belt needs to be changed and suggest they get several estimates .

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At least he knows what to expect.

Change it or it might leave you stranded in the wee hours of the morning in that part of town that’s always making the news due to the violent crime. Or it might suddenly pop while you’re trying to get home in a blizzard… with a 60,000 pound tractor-trailer bearing down on you.

For some illogical reason, most people seem to envision that major mechanical problems–including potentially catastrophic ones like a snapped timing belt on an interference-design engine like this one–will take place while their car is parked in their driveway, or some other safe and convenient place. In reality, that belt is much more likely to snap while the OP is on the road, and that has the potential to put the OP in significant danger.

As was already stated by jtsanders, the OP’s engine is due for a second timing belt change, based on elapsed time, so if this is the original belt, it is truly living on borrowed time. If the OP does not understand why elapsed time is just as important as odometer mileage when it comes to this part, think of the last time that you found an old rubber band in your desk drawer, and you tried to use it. That old rubber band undoubtedly snapped, due to its age–even if it hadn’t been used for a very long time!



As an addition, if the OP doesn’t change the timing belt before it snaps, the engine will be destroyed. It’s an interference engine. At that point, the car is junk. A replacement engine would likely be too costly to justify replacement.


Thanks to all who responded. The recommendation to change out the timing belt on this car is 12 years or 90,000 miles per the dealer, but I wasn’t aware of the consequences if the belt failed. Given the information you all have provided, I plan to have the timing belt changed out in the next couple of weeks. I also plan to replace the water pump while we’re at it.

Good decision. I’d recommend doing it ASAP. Better to be proactive.
Happy motoring.

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