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2005 Lexus ES 330 - Timing belt

when should a timing belt be changed on a 2005 Lexus es330

That is listed in your owners manual and if you don’t have one a web search will find you free downloads. Or you could call a Lexus dealer . Also it will be by miles and time in months.

I just looked at the 2005 Lexus ES330 maintenance schedule online

You change the timing belt every 90K or 108 months . . . whichever comes first

And I highly recommend you change EVERYTHING under the timing cover

Timing belt



cam seals

crank seal

water pump

Might as well change the accessory drive belts, too, while you’re at it

The above answers are better, but one way to answer this is “definitely before the vehicle is 14 years old.”

what does the number of years have to do with it? Why 14, why not 12,13, or 15? Seems to me the manual is the only reasonable answer.

I quoted the manual

Yours was due at 9 years or 90K miles, if yours hasn’t been changed yet it’s now 13 years old and may not make it to 14 years old.

hmmm, I thought I responded to GorehamJ message…

OP is asking when to change the belt on a 14-year old vehicle (A 2005 Lexus). Yesterday is the simple answer. As I also said, the above answers were better in some ways, but nobody needs a manual to answer this one.

There’s something else that might not have been considered . . .

Perhaps the timing belt WAS replaced several years ago, and op has receipts to prove it, but no longer has the maintenance schedule and wants to know when it will be due again

I wonder if the 3.3L V6 free-wheeling or interference?

I believe it’s listed as interference

Interestingly enough, the 3.0 liter V6, which is the slighly smaller cousin, is listed as freewheeler

The 2005 Lexus 3.3 liter is a non-interference engine.


If the maintenance schedule is unknown, remove the bolts at the top of the timing cover and pull it back a tad. Look inside with a light. If you can see any cracks on the outside surface of the timing belt, change it now. The advice to change ANYTHING under the timing cover including the water pump, idlers, and seals is a good idea.

If it is correct this is non-interference, a failure will not cause additional damage. It could leave you stranded going down the road or at a stoplight though. It wouldn’t be good if this let go while making a left turn out into traffic so is a safety concern if you ask me. If you have a broken belt, the engine will suddenly die and won’t restart. Upon trying to restart you may notice that the starter seems to turn a lot quicker as the engine will not have compression.