2005 Lexus ES330 doesn't shift smoothly

My Lexus routinely shifts hard at 25 and 35 MPH. Been to the dealer who did an upgrade to the transmission. I did notice that it seemed smoother, but after a few days it started up again. They told me no codes were thrown, fluid looks great, absolutely nothing wrong on the computer. It is so frustrating and now I wish I hadn’t bought the car. Only has 55K miles and has been well-maintained. It feels like a non-CVT car that slips.

Hope someone else can help. Lexus just tells me that’s just the way the car is and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Appreciate any feedback anyone may have on how to fix the issue.


KB - Louisville, KY

Does this car have CVT or is it an automatic?

I’m not sure. I googled the car specs and it looks like the only transmission option for this model is an ECT-i. Which probably means Lexus figured out it was crappy and changed it in 2006.