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2005 KIA Optima 4cyl - Crankshaft Position Sensor and over-current sending to CPS

Hi…I have a 2005 KIA Optima 4cyl that is giving me, my mechanic, and

now the dealer trouble. Long story. The car died on the road at

about 15 mph…the tach just dropped to zero! Towed to mechanic…and

the Crankshaft Position Sensor was bad. Had that replaced along with

the timing belt, and another belt (for oil pump?) while the CPS was

replace. Car ran great for 6-8 cycles, mechanic took it on road, and

it died within 10 feet of the shop. He tested the new CPS…fine.

However, the CPS was receiving 7.3V v. 5V required signal. The guess

is that the PCM is bad and needs to be replaced, but my mechanic could

not test whether the PCM was bad. Had the car towed to the dealer

(perhaps BIG mistake). They “diagnosed” the probelem, and told the

mechanic two different stories, and me two further different stories

over 4 phone calls! The dealer says the CPS has frayed harness wire,

and needs to be replaced. My mechanic warranteed the work and told

them he would fix that since he put that in. NOW…the dealer won’t

give us the remaining “diagnosis” since they aren’t getting the


So, besides a possible short from a frayed wire harness on the CPS,

what could cause an over-current sending to CPS? Do we need to

replace the PCM, and is there a way to test without having a “good”

PCM on-hand?

Any and all HELP will be much appreciated…

P.S. The car was sent to the dealer with arrangement that we would pay for

the diagnosis, they would provide the diagnosis, and my mechanic would

fix the car. I have not been to the dealer to pay the bill yet. In

general I would think the dealer under this arrangement would follow

through. I’ll pay for what was agreed, but am reluctant to have them

fix anything is they aren’t being straight forward in telling us

what’s wrong.

CPS is Camshaft Position Sensor. CKPS Is Crankshaft Position Sensor. So, are you talking about the Crankshaft Position Sensor?
The CKPS has three wires. The black wire goes to ground. The pink wire carries 12 volts from a 15 amp fuse to the ckps. The yellow wire is the signal return wire from the ckps to the ECM (engine computer).
The wires may be shorted together, or maybe not. The wiring connector is another place where grease and gunk in the connector can cause a short between wires. A liberal dose of electrical cleaner, on the disconnected connector, would help that.