2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited - Won't take gas

I have problems getting gas in as well. I have replaced the tank and the problem stills continue

I am not familiar with your vehicle but found this…

The slow fill, and spewing gas out as the tank reaches full are actually caused by the same problem. In the case of overflowing, it’s because the poppet valve located at the inside of the tank at the filler neck is stuck open. If you have the slow fill problem, the poppet valve inside the filler neck of the tank is stuck closed.
The GM flapper valve can be inserted into the filler hose and will stop gas from spewing out during fill up, but if you have the slow fill problem, you need to remove the filler hose, use a long screw driver to push open the poppet valve in the tank, and then install the GM flapper valve ( from GM Part number 15131046) into the filler hose to stop it from spewing gas out, now that the valve is stuck open. Or, you can drop the tank and properly fix the poppet valve (Jeep says this is non-serviceable, but you can see in the video that it actually can be fixed). See this video and you’ll understand what your problem is caused by:

Here is what the flapper valve from the GM fuel filler hose (15131046) looks like:

There’s a problem with the Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system.

How this system works is, as you refuel the vehicle, the gas tank filler neck creates a venturi effect that pressurizes the gas tank. This forces the fuel vapors to be pushed into the charcoal canister so the fuel vapors are captured and stored, which then allows the gas tank to vent into the atmosphere thru the vent valve.

Here’s a simple diagram of the ORVR system.


Some of the things that can cause this are, a stuck closed over-fueling/roll-over check valve, a plugged charcoal canister, a stuck closed vent valve, or a restriction in any of the hoses of the ORVR system.

It’s even known that spiders laying eggs sacs in this system can cause refueling problems. And this can also cause gas tanks to crack or collapse.

So have vent system of the ORVR system inspected for any restriction.


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