2005 Jeep WK Limited HEMI will not start

I have the above mentioned car (69K miles) and the following issue. About two weeks I went to start the car and turning the keys caused the electronics to fire up (lights, stereo, dash, ect) but the engine only made a low hum for about 10 seconds and then nothing!

Step 1: Tried to jump the car. No dice.
step 2: Bought a new battery - success for a little bit.

The new battery got me home but the next morning it did the exact same thing as above.

Step 3: I removed and had the alternator tested. It was good.

At this point I figured it must be the starter. Well to remove the starter on this car you have disconnect the drive train and we are moving into a realm that is beyond my tools and experience. I have heard that you can sometimes bang the back of a bad starter to get the insides “aligned” correctly and it will work for a little longer. I tried this but the problem remains the same.

I have done the trick with the key to bring up any codes that may have been thrown but that is reading blank.

My best guesses are the starter, the ignition, or a fuse (maybe?). I would like to have some info before I have it towed to a mechanic so I can save them some time and me some money!

Thanks for any help.