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2010 Jeep Gr.Cherokee Staring issues

Ive been having intermittent starting issues with my Jeep.

When I insert my key, the lights on the dash turn on, the radio turns on but the engine will not start- there is a clicking noise coming from the glove box area and a whirring noise? from the engine, but nothing else happens. Also, the windows will not roll up/down.

Of course, the thing started this morning after a few days of trying- I held the key over for a few and was able to roll my window down/up- it worked, then the Jeep started…frustrating…

I have replaced the battery and have tested it since- its good. I have run tests on my alternator- removed the negative lead from the battery when the Jeep was running- it kept right on running even with the AC on. It is good.
I do not think it is the neutral saftey switch as the Jeep will start all of a sudden- and the NSS has nothing to do with my windows not working.

The battery leads are not corroded or loose. All connections and grounds I can see under the hood seem tight and uncorroded.

I am suspecting it may be in the ignition switch or a loose connection (somewhere!) or a relay of some sort. Not really sure where to start and I dont want to just throw parts ($$$) at this thing to try to fix it! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

First off, never remove the battery cable to check if the charging system is working. With today’s electronics you can easily send a voltage spike through the system and fry the Power Train Control Module…costing hundreds to replace

That has not been a proper test since the 1960s.

If you hear the "whirring noise when you turn the key to start…I’d presume the starter needs to be replaced. It no longer is kicking the gear out to mesh with the flywheel teeth.


Ok then. Sounds like a 60’s test- my father recommended it!

I had once thought it was the starter, but that wouldn’t explain the windows not working when this happens.

Sounds like the ignition switch (the electrical part, not the lock cylinder) is a good place to start.

There isn’t a lock cylinder with the FOBIK system. This is a pretentious smart key system. Today’s ignition systems are unlike the traditional ignition switch.

There is a software flash and a recall for the WIN module (Wireless ignition node) on the vehicle. Before spending time on complicated diagnoses be sure the recalls and software is up to date.

Thank you for letting me know about the recall. I’ll be getting that fixed first!

There is no recall on my jeep but I’m taking it in to the dealer for plugs/wires. They are going to look at the starter as well…hope this fixes it…but it’s hard to explain the windows not working.