2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problem



I have a intermittent starting problem on a 2005 HEMI Jeep Grand Cherokee with 53,000 miles.

I turn the key and get no crank but do get lights, radio etc. I turn the key a second timeband generally a third before I get the starter to crank. I just had the battery replaced a week or so ago because of a sluggish crank. Not for this problem. It had occurred twice before the battery change.

Many people have posted an intermittent starting problem for the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

People have tried replacing:





all with varying and sometimes no results. For many the condition seems to come back.




The trouble may be with the neutral safety switch adjustment. Try moving the shift lever around in the Park position to see if that helps. If not try shifting to the Neutral position and see if it starts there.


Thanks for the answer. I would think that if the switch was a problem, the car would not start at all unless the gear lever was moved. It will start without the gear lever being moved but the ignition must be cycled several times. Woody