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2005 Jeep Liberty Problem

On my vehicle the check engine light came on yesturday (thursday), today the battery light is on and the engine sounds like it is rattling or something is loose. I made an apointment at a dealership to look at it. My question is do you think it is safe for my wife to drive it there monday. It’s about 11 miles away.

No. Chances are good that your wife will be stuck on the road.

If the battery light is on then you can assume that it’s currently running on only the battery’s leftover charge. Especially since that rattling just may be the alternator…broken and with a loose pulley. Or perhaps it’s the tensioner (if you have a serpentine belt) rattling and allowing high-load items like the alternator and the power steering pump to slip the belt.

And just think…if the alternator pulley falls off and bounces into the fan your bill will mount. And your wife might be traumatized.

Call a tow truck.

It sounds like the car has been driven too far already with a potentially serious problem. Agree with Mountainbike, don’t drive it another 10 feet!! Get it diagnosed and fixed by a qualified mechanic.