2005 Jeep grand cherokee

My 2005 jeep grand cherokee displayed the message “perform elec brake service” while I was on a trip and the rpms were going crazy and my mileage went down the tubes. It was raining when it happened, and when the rain stopped, the message cleared and everything returned to normal. It hasn’t happened again for the last week, but my wife said she had the same message a few weeks ago.
I recently had the front wheel bearings redone at the Chrysler dealer, so I took the tires off and checked the wiring harnesses and everything appeared ok. Anyone have any suggestions before I take it back to the shop?

I’m not sure what that message is referring to. If there is a speed sensor that monitors the engine RPMs that should be looked at but if the trouble isn’t happening at the time there really isn’t much the shop can do except guess at the trouble.

Apparently it’s a common issue. Check this out from the world’s best Jeep forum.

I recently had the same exact issue. One of the vacuum hoses fell off and now it runs normal. Let me know if this helps.

None of the Jeep dealers could find it. They kept saying this and that, but I found the hose off and put it back on. Throttle is where it should be and I don’t get the service electric brake light along w traction light, and my gas mileage is where it should be. I’m so glad I found that hose.

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