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2005 Isuzu Rodeo - Emissions codes

Failed emissions test code rtc 1402 4927 34cf ab74 new battery installed 9/13/ 2019 said needs reprogram. Test is $68 then depends what is wrong ?? More BUCKS ? what s your appion?

$68 for diagnosis is about 1/2 the fee where I live.


I have NO idea what this is or means…
Agree with @Purebred, $68 is about half to 1/3 of what this costs in my area.

Can’t help you, I have never had my battery say anything.

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If you are trying to post emissions codes (OBDII), then post them as Pxxxx, the standard method. We can decode those and may have some suggestions. I agree with the others that $68 is cheap for diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis, what does the shop recommend for repairs?